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Amazon’s IMDb launches ad-supported streaming service

Amazon-owned online movie database IMDb has entered the highly competitive streaming market with the launch of IMDb Freedive, a free, ad-supported video platform

Data and the digital advertising dilemma

As personal data collected from online behaviour has exploded, companies have rushed to adapt their advertising strategies, with mixed results

Google tracks credit card spending to prove digital ads work

The offline tracking system will show advertisers whether their online ads generate physical sales

YouTube blocks ads on smaller channels

In an attempt to appease advertisers, YouTube will only allow ads to be run on channels with over 10,000 total views

YouTube faces an advertiser exodus over extremist materials

Several high-profile companies have pulled ads from YouTube, forcing Google to reconsider who is responsible for what is uploaded

Advertising has evolved – businesses need to catch up or they risk total irrelevance

As companies pump increasing investment into digital marketing, consumers are inundated with more and more content. The ad industry is changing, and its quality is being sacrificed

Personalised communications will shake advertising out of its slumber

Marketing has lost its personal side, focusing on data harvesting and not on forming a bond. Personalised communications look set to change that

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Twitter users to profit from their videos

The microblogging site is expanding its video advertising programme, allowing users to monetise their creations

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Tech companies fear the ad-block bomb

Executives from Yahoo and Google say “blunt” ad-blocking could destroy the value exchange of the digital ecosystem

The Super Bowl is losing advertisers

The rise of online video means advertisers are wondering if the Super Bowl is still worth the massive cost

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Yahoo faces lawsuit for sending unsolicited text messages

Accused of spying on emails and texting non-subscribers without consent, Yahoo is facing a class action lawsuit

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Ad blockers deny publishers vital income for content creation

Ad blockers are essential at the moment, but the need for such software will diminish as the barriers between publishers and consumers dissolve

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