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Quibi launches, becoming the latest video-streaming app in a saturated market

The app focuses on short videos designed to be watched on a smartphone, including unscripted shows, documentaries and episodic movies

YouTube shuts down accounts for spreading Hong Kong disinformation

The video-streaming giant has disabled 210 channels involved in a coordinated campaign to promote discord among Hong Kong protestors

Instagram announces video service IGTV to rival YouTube

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom unveiled Instagram’s new video platform at an event in San Francisco

YouTube to launch revamped music streaming service

YouTube will launch the latest version of its music streaming service on May 22, updating old features and replacing Google Play Music in the process

YouTube blocks ads on smaller channels

In an attempt to appease advertisers, YouTube will only allow ads to be run on channels with over 10,000 total views

YouTube faces an advertiser exodus over extremist materials

Several high-profile companies have pulled ads from YouTube, forcing Google to reconsider who is responsible for what is uploaded

YouTube launches its own TV service

Online video giant YouTube is taking on traditional cable TV companies with its $35-a-month subscription service

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Facebook ups its game with new video app and features

Responding to consumer trends, Facebook’s new video features will bring the company one step closer to challenging YouTube’s dominance

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YouTube launches customised home pages

To improve the user experience (and hopefully get a controversial ban lifted) YouTube has created customised home pages for South Asia

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