Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Fatal dam collapse in Brazil casts doubt over the mining industry

The Brumadinho dam collapse – Brazil’s deadliest mining disaster – marks an upward trend in the frequency and severity of disasters relating to mine waste storage

The longevity industry comes of age

With people living longer than ever before, scientists, entrepreneurs and investors are coming together to build an industry that transforms the way we age

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Declining insect numbers will have a devastating effect on ecosystems

Recent studies have shown that insect numbers are declining at an unprecedented rate. While many consider them pests, these creatures are absolutely vital for the survival of many plants and animal species

Indonesia is the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market

South-East Asia’s largest country is on the verge of a digital revolution thanks to its digitally savvy youth, the rise of tech start-ups and the promise of upcoming infrastructure projects

FIA Business School is encouraging entrepreneurship in Brazil

As Brazil’s business sector develops, the country is learning to support entrepreneurship. Business schools are responding to this growing market by offering courses tailored to new business owners

Top 5 reasons why everyone is worried about Huawei

With Huawei struggling to secure 5G contracts overseas, concerns over the firm’s closeness to China’s ruling Communist Party are far from unfounded

Hackers steal data from IT infrastructure firm Citycomp

A group of hackers have carried out a ransomware attack on Citycomp, which provides internet infrastructure for companies such as Airbus, Toshiba and Volkswagen

Co-working giant WeWork files for IPO

WeWork, which recently rebranded as the We Company, is the latest in a line of ‘decacorns’ to pursue a public listing

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Huawei denies claims it is owned by the Chinese Government

Telecoms giant Huawei has claimed it is controlled by its employees through ownership of virtual shares, disputing accusations of state ownership

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Congress demands answers from Google about user location database

Representatives from Congress have written to Google CEO Sundar Pinchai to seek information on location data held in a secret store known as Sensorvault

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Investors sue Lyft amid share price slump

Lyft’s share price has declined since the company went public in March, and investors are blaming the US ride-sharing company for exaggerating its market position

Jumio founder agrees $17.4m settlement amid SEC fraud claims

Daniel Mattes, the founder of mobile payments firm Jumio, has agreed a settlement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission after being accused of inflating company revenues and illegitimately selling shares