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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Start-up WeWork postpones IPO amid valuation concerns

The American real estate company has had to withdraw its IPO in an embarrassing U-turn

Top 5 ways to ensure your app maintains peak performance

Apps can be inexpensive yet powerful tools for growing your business. However, like any resource, they must be maintained. Here are the top five ways to ensure your app continues to deliver

Argentina’s Kaszek Ventures raises $600m in boost to Latin American start-ups

As Latin America’s start-up scene ignites, Kaszek Ventures hopes to fan the flames by utilising the improved infrastructure the region has enjoyed in recent years

Apple set for new sales in India as foreign direct investment rules are relaxed

Apple and other tech giants will begin selling their products online in the Indian market, thanks to changes to the country’s foreign direct investment rules and a reform of its manufacturing restrictions

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Johnson & Johnson to pay $572m in historic opioid trial

In a landmark ruling, the big pharma company will pay the state of Oklahoma $572m in damages for its role in fuelling the state’s opioid epidemic

US leads AI race but China is hot on its heels

The US is winning the global race to develop AI and China is rapidly catching up, but the EU is lagging behind, a report by the Centre for Data Innovation has found

Amazon lets users disable human review of Alexa recordings

As Amazon faces increasing pressure from privacy regulators, the company has changed Alexa’s settings to allow users to opt-out of having their recordings reviewed by staff

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Start-up raises $3.5m to provide medical insurance to digital nomads

SafetyWing, a Norwegian start-up, has secured a round of seed funding that will enable it to offer a much-needed social safety net to digital freelancers

China’s Evergrande to bring electric car charging closer to home

One of the world’s biggest real estate companies, Evergrande, has unveiled plans to make charging electric cars easier and more convenient for consumers

Uber Freight launches in Germany

Uber is launching a freight platform in Germany to try and bring innovation to Europe’s $500bn trucking market

Equifax reaches landmark $700m settlement in data breach case

After suffering a data breach in 2017, credit-reporting company Equifax has agreed to pay a $700m settlement, but consumer advocates and lawmakers argue the penalty has not been severe enough

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Vertical farming start-up AeroFarms raises $100m in Series E funding round

AeroFarms, one of the major players in the burgeoning vertical farming sector, will look to expand its produce portfolio after receiving significant investment in a Series E funding round led by IKEA’s parent company