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How will corporation tax change under Making Tax Digital?

As part of ‘Making Tax Digital’, an initiative to make tax administration more effective, the UK government is opening a consultation for the design of a digital platform for filing corporation tax

Social Impact: Embedding social impact into the heart of business

By partnering with social enterprises, businesses can accelerate growth and ensure their operations include a positive humanitarian and environmental impact

Climate change: Managing the ‘Green Line’ to address climate action

Traditionally, the top and bottom lines of a business are its most important metrics. But companies need to start treating their “green line” – the measurement of their environmental efforts – with just as much importance

The circular economy: Enabling the transformation to circular business

The circular economy could unlock $4.5trn in economic growth. To capture this growth, transparency and collaboration within business are crucial

Advancing diversity, inclusion and equality: Evolving a moment into a movement

Driving diversity and inclusion must become a priority if intelligent enterprises are to thrive. It starts with asking the right questions.

Stuck on repeat: at Nokia, is history doomed to repeat itself?

Few companies have demonstrated more grit than Nokia, which, despite selling its mobile phone handset division in 2013, has gone on to become a major player in the 5G race. But it must be wary not to repeat the mistakes of the past

TransferWise hits $5bn valuation

The cross-border payments group has confirmed reports that it is now valued at $5bn after a secondary share sale

Intelligent Enterprises: Putting purpose and sustainability at the core of business

The coronavirus crisis has exposed the many social and economic issues that the world urgently needs to address. Businesses must embrace sustainability and purpose if they’re to help tackle these problems

Apple’s struggle to conquer the Indian smartphone market

Apple’s market share in India remains disappointingly low. While the firm plans to open its first physical store in the country in 2021, more needs to be done to improve its fortunes in the world’s second-largest smartphone market

Why consumers’ appetite for meal replacement drinks is growing

As time-poor consumers search for the perfect balance between convenience and nutrition, meal replacement drinks are experiencing a revival

How crises transform the manufacturing sector

Economic catastrophes and global pandemics have historically had a significant impact on manufacturing. With robots increasingly being used throughout supply chains, the coronavirus outbreak could signal a new era for the industry

The funeral industry begins to bury tradition

With the rise of technological innovation, secularism and environmental awareness, the funeral industry is changing – and entrepreneurs are starting to take notice