Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

As mass data collection becomes the norm, concerns about surveillance are growing

As our urban areas expand at an alarming rate, mass data collection appears to be the only way of keeping pace. But is the added convenience of smart cities worth sacrificing our privacy for?

Antibiotic resistance: the super price of factory farming

As the appetite for meat in Asia grows, the techniques adopted by factory farms to meet demand are giving rise to antibiotic resistant bacteria, writes Kim Darrah

Al Karama: foreign companies will benefit from Tunisia’s economic breakthrough

With a new democratic system in place, opportunity is plentiful for many industries across Tunisia

Desjardins Group: CETA is strengthening cross-Atlantic trade

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, signed by the EU and Canada in 2016, has opened business prospects between the two bodies like never before

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Why businesses are increasingly turning to Morocco for investment opportunities

Morocco stands out in Africa for its strong investment climate – a feat that has been achieved through persistence, stability and ongoing developments, according to Fouad Lahgazi, CEO and Senior Partner of KPMG (Morocco)

Tesla set to build its first factory in China following government approval

US electric vehicle firm Tesla has struck a deal with the Chinese Government to build a new facility in the country

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Panasonic accelerates battery drive with new production line

Japanese company Panasonic will begin production of lithium-ion batteries at its Himeji factory in an effort to increase its presence in the automotive sector

IKEA takes first step into gig economy by acquiring TaskRabbit

Swedish furniture company IKEA has bought US start-up TaskRabbit, broadening the services it provides to its customers

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Ford Lyfts AI efforts with autonomous vehicle partnership

Ride-hailing app Lyft and automobile giant Ford will collaborate in an attempt to bring self-driving vehicles to the mainstream before fierce competitor Uber

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Total accelerates green energy drive with Eren and GreenFlex partnerships

Total has purchased stakes in renewable energy company Eren and energy efficiency company GreenFlex as falling costs make renewable energy alternatives more appealing

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Major Chinese bitcoin exchange stops trading

One of China’s top three bitcoin exchanges has announced that it will stop trading amid crackdown from authorities

Apple and Dell bid to acquire Toshiba’s memory chip business

The US tech companies are part of a consortium led by Bain Capital hoping to purchase the Japanese heavyweight’s memory chip business

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