Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Top 10 Millennial business concerns organisations can’t afford to ignore

As Millennials’ spending power increases, understanding the motivations behind their purchasing decisions will become invaluable to businesses around the world. With the help of Morning Consult’s latest report, we explore the 10 key business concerns driving this technologically savvy cohort

Harley-Davidson seeks to recharge sales with its first ever electric motorcycle

Iconic US motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson will start rolling out electric bikes in 2019, a move the company hopes will attract younger customers and spark interest in new markets

Qualcomm’s NXP takeover fails as US-China trade tensions extend to M&A market

Chinese regulators have refused to approve Qualcomm’s proposed $44bn acquisition of rival firm NXP in a move some have attributed to the escalating trade war between the US and China

ProInversión: Social sustainability is central to Peru’s PPP projects

Alberto Ñecco Tello explains how ProInversión embeds sustainability in its programme of delivering infrastucture investments

Amazon enters healthcare market with PillPack purchase

Amazon’s acquisition of online pharmacy PillPack has shaken the US healthcare industry and confirmed the company’s dedication to entering the market

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Huawei tops corporate travel sponsorship list for Australian MPs

Despite the company’s recent struggles, a new report has revealed that Huawei has been the biggest corporate sponsor of overseas travel for Australian MPs since 2010

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PayPal buys machine learning anti-fraud company Simility for $120m

In the latest round of its spending spree, PayPal has bought anti-fraud company Simility to enhance security on its payment services

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Top 5 most sustainable companies

Sustainability in the corporate sector is more crucial than ever. Fortunately, some companies are going above and beyond their competitors’ sustainable efforts, leading the way for future change

Google to make $550m investment in Chinese e-commerce giant

Google has reaffirmed its commitment to the explosive Asian retail market with the purchase of a $550m stake in, China’s largest e-retailer by revenue

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Sharp re-enters PC market with purchase of Toshiba subsidiary

Toshiba has offloaded a majority stake in its PC business, Toshiba Client Solutions, to Japanese rival Sharp. The move will see Sharp re-enter the PC market after an eight-year absence

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Sony buys controlling stake in music publisher EMI

Sony has reached an agreement to purchase the controlling stake in EMI for $2.3bn, giving the tech giant access to more than two million songs from hit artists such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Queen

PayPal agrees to buy payments start-up iZettle for $2.2bn

PayPal’s purchase of point-of-sale firm iZettle, the fintech start-up that helps small businesses avoid some of the prohibitive costs associated with taking card payments, will be the company’s biggest acquisition to date

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