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Creating the intelligent enterprise

Technology advances so rapidly that it can be difficult for businesses to know how to move forward. SAP explains how enterprise software can help provide clarity while delivering sustainability benefits

Facebook invests $5.7bn in Indian telecoms firm Reliance Jio

India’s biggest telecoms operator, Reliance Jio, has received a $5.7bn investment from Facebook, confirming the social network as the firm’s largest minority shareholder

Lyft launches new delivery service 

As demand for ride-hailing services plummets, Lyft is tapping its drivers to deliver groceries, meals and medical supplies to people in need

Johnson & Johnson partners with US Government to co-fund COVID-19 vaccine research

As part of a new deal with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, Johnson & Johnson is investing $1bn in COVID-19 vaccine research and development

TikTok told moderators to suppress posts by the ‘ugly, poor and disabled’

In internal documents, the creators of video-sharing service TikTok told moderators to avoid promoting posts by users with “ugly facial looks” and other “low-quality” traits

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Amazon to start selling its cashierless technology

The e-commerce giant announced it will start selling its ‘Just Walk Out’ technology to other retailers, potentially threatening the jobs of millions of cashiers

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Designing a better future for the planet and our mental health

Climate change and mental health are among two of society’s most pressing issues. WSP’s Future Ready programme aims to tackle both problems head-on

Optimising company strategies to meet challenges of the digital age

Stratence Partners works with organisations of all sizes to help them increase their profit margins, market share and the value they can deliver to their respective industries

The World Economic Forum faces big challenges at Davos 2020

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will return to Davos in 2020 to discuss the major issues facing the planet. If the showpiece event is to command the attention it craves, though, it will need to start finding some solutions to long-standing problems

City of Malaga offers ‘the benefits of a modern city, but not the headaches’

Marc Sanderson outlines Malaga’s smart city innovations and benefits for businesses and citizens alike

Peru works to make up its infrastructure deficit by looking to private sector

ProInversión is turning Peru’s billion-dollar infrastructure deficit into an ambitious business opportunity by combining private investment with public sector projects

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Málaga is set for continued growth and development

As a thriving smart city with a wealth of culture and enviable climate, Málaga is ideal for employees and businesses

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