Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Unisys helps SMEs digitalise their operations

The RBS alternative remedies package is set to spur competition and development in the financial services industry, presenting new opportunities to SMEs and fintech firms

The investment projects helping to build a better future in Peru

Infrastructure stimulates economic growth and leaves a lasting legacy – but it doesn’t come cheap. Matching the right investors to suitable projects, therefore, is essential to a country’s future prosperity

Repairing global divisions at Davos 2019

In January 2019, world leaders will gather for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. With trade wars threatening to dent global growth, the WEF’s yearly call for unity in the face of defiance could be just what society needs

Xi Jinping unveils world’s longest sea bridge

The 55km bridge, which cost $20bn to construct, connects Hong Kong and Macau to the city of Zhuhai in mainland China. It was originally due to open in 2016 but was delayed due to budget and safety issues

FAANGs vs BATs: the US and China battle for tech dominance

The US and China are caught in a technological arms race, with companies on both sides investing heavily in cutting-edge solutions. Whichever superpower comes out on top could dominate the global economy for decades to come

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US accuses Chinese spy of stealing aviation trade secrets

The Department of Justice has released indictment papers for Xu Yanjun, who it claims orchestrated espionage operations against US aviation firms

Elon Musk fined $20m in SEC fraud case

Musk was investigated by the US regulator for making fraudulent claims that he had secured funding to take Tesla private. He will step down as chairman but can continue as CEO of the company

Uber to pay $148m in settlement fees for 2016 data breach cover-up

Uber has been fined millions for concealing a hack that compromised the data of 57 million users

Pandora acquired by SiriusXM for $3.5bn

Together, SiriusXM and Pandora will have an active monthly base of more than 100 million listeners

Airbnb explores equity options for hosts

The global accommodation-sharing platform is exploring new ways to incorporate hosts into the company and reward them for the vital role they play

Tech billionaire to buy Time for $190m

The acquisition of Time magazine represents Marc Benioff’s first foray into the media sphere after his extraordinary success with pioneering SaaS platform

Government snooping ruled illegal by European Court of Human Rights

In a landmark case brought to the court by a group of charity activists, surveillance activities by the UK Government have been classified as a breach of human rights