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Japan fights flooding from below the surface

Japan’s G-Cans storm drain is thought to be the largest of its kind, but even this enormous system may not be enough to protect the nation against increasingly frequent floods

Designing a better future for the planet and our mental health

Climate change and mental health are among two of society’s most pressing issues. WSP’s Future Ready programme aims to tackle both problems head-on

How can companies respond when environmental protection is demanded by consumers?

As environmental crises wreak havoc across the globe, consumers are demanding more from the business world. In turn, companies are waking up to the fact that maximising shareholder profits is no longer the be-all and end-all

False climate solutions are benefitting no one

Governments within the developed world must re-evaluate their current economic systems in order to drastically cut carbon emissions at the source

Insurance companies are refusing to back coal projects over environmental concerns

Recent studies reveal it is no longer viable for insurers to back the coal industry due to the associated climate risks. This has the potential to herald a positive move away from fossil fuels altogether

Could the world’s asset holders be the answer to the climate crisis?

Creating solutions to climate change will require nations to cooperate in meaningful ways. Fortunately, some firms are now offering individuals and companies ways to close the gap while governments catch up

Top 5 food tech innovations

Today’s food and agriculture companies are striving to feed a growing population in a world under increasing under threat from climate change. Innovation in how we produce food could be the answer

Artificial snow could save the Antarctic, researchers suggest

In a radical geoengineering project, scientists propose pumping 7.4 trillion tons of artificial snow onto the polar ice caps in a bid to slow down their disintegration

Vertical farming start-up AeroFarms raises $100m in Series E funding round

AeroFarms, one of the major players in the burgeoning vertical farming sector, will look to expand its produce portfolio after receiving significant investment in a Series E funding round led by IKEA’s parent company

Paris Agreement will reward signatories with GDP boost

A new report indicates that GDP could increase by 1.1 percent and unemployment decline by 0.5 percent across the EU if the terms of the Paris climate accord are met

The impending threat of climate change brings nuclear energy to the fore once more

Nuclear power’s image problem has stunted investment for years. Now, as the threat of climate change looms larger, cutting-edge start-ups are bringing the energy source back into the conversation

Landmark UN climate report warns of disaster by 2040

The UN’s climate committee has warned that we face a global climate crisis if we continue on our current path. The report also maps out a number of pathways that must be taken to ensure we curb global temperature rises