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Google says it has wiped out its carbon footprint

Having become carbon-neutral in 2007, the company claims it has now offset its entire carbon legacy

All hands on deck: the shipping industry’s mission to become more sustainable

Getting the shipping industry to reduce its environmental impact presents a huge challenge. Fortunately, a number of collaborative initiatives have been launched in the hope of creating a greener future

The UAE unveils its first floating solar power plant

The island of Nurai in Abu Dhabi has recently installed a floating solar power plant that is set to have a capacity of 80 kilowatts

False climate solutions are benefitting no one

Governments within the developed world must re-evaluate their current economic systems in order to drastically cut carbon emissions at the source

Insurance companies are refusing to back coal projects over environmental concerns

Recent studies reveal it is no longer viable for insurers to back the coal industry due to the associated climate risks. This has the potential to herald a positive move away from fossil fuels altogether

China gives a dam about improving its green energy infrastructure

China’s Three Gorges Dam, a project so large it has affected the speed of the Earth’s rotation, is capable of generating huge quantities of renewable energy. It has also caused social and environmental disruption to the local area

Could the world’s asset holders be the answer to the climate crisis?

Creating solutions to climate change will require nations to cooperate in meaningful ways. Fortunately, some firms are now offering individuals and companies ways to close the gap while governments catch up

Russian Government goes cloak and dagger about nature of recent explosion

In August this year, a mysterious explosion that took place near Russia’s White Sea region caused a spike in radiation levels. Experts now believe it was caused by a nuclear-powered missile

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New rice-milling solutions could give a boost to SME mills

Traditional rice mills can’t access modern equipment, resulting in food loss. Koolmill’s disruptive technology enables all rice millers to replace antiquated equipment with a simpler next-generation mill

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An element of success: hydrogen-powered cars could be around the corner

For decades, hydrogen has been touted as a promising source of clean energy, only to be dismissed for its exorbitant cost. Now, however, its price projections have plummeted and the element is enjoying a resurgence in popularity

Uniti unveils $19,618 electric vehicle

Swedish automotive start-up Uniti is set to deliver its quirky three-seat electric model, complete with an unusual central driving position, to the Swedish and UK markets by mid-2020

How blockchain technology could electrify the energy industry

Blockchain technology has the potential to produce new innovations in the energy industry, but more regulation and research is needed to show companies the way