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SoftBank Vision Fund invests $110m in renewable energy storage technology

Switzerland-based start-up Energy Vault, which promises to solve long-standing energy storage challenges, has just received an injection of $110m from SoftBank’s Vision Fund

Graphene is the new wonder material transforming the energy sector

Since its discovery in 2004, graphene has promised to become the world’s next wonder material. For the energy sector, it could unlock new possibilities for power generation, storage and infrastructure

Cleaning up crypto’s dirty legacy

Bitcoin mining may have created a new class of crypto millionaires, but the industry’s vast energy usage and carbon footprint is having a detrimental effect on the planet

The unexpected environmental drawbacks of concentrated solar power plants

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is a huge facility that produces power for thousands of homes. Unfortunately, there have also been some unintended negative consequences

Neo Lithium is mining success in South America’s lithium triangle

Embarking on a new mining project can be an exciting and fruitful enterprise, but understanding and limiting the risk factors requires careful planning

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Schneider Electric is helping to bring reliable electricity to Africa

Solar energy isn’t only beneficial to the environment – it also has the power to improve living standards across Africa

Biofuel offers a solution to the world’s renewable energy crisis

With the global population rising rapidly, growing food crops understandably takes precedence over biofuel production. However, recent scientific advancements may mean that both can be prioritised

Deep-sea mining could provide access to a wealth of valuable minerals

Deep-sea mining could help meet mankind’s insatiable thirst for essential minerals and power the green economy of the future. It could also cause irreversible damage to a part of the planet that we know very little about

Innolith’s “breakthrough” electric vehicle battery could increase range to 600 miles

Swiss start-up Innolith believes its new electric vehicle battery will go some way to easing consumers’ range anxiety, allowing cars to travel more than 600 miles on a single charge

Fossil fuels are filling the gap in rising energy demand

A global surge in energy requirements in 2018 meant that the shortfall between supply and demand had to be made up by burning fossil fuels

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Neo Lithium posts positive PFS results for its 3Q Project in Argentina

Toronto-based Neo Lithium is making good progress with its lithium exploration project in Argentina, according to a pre-feasibility study released by the company on March 21

German carmakers pledge to invest €60bn in electric and self-driving technology

The president of the German Association of the Automotive Industry has revealed German carmakers will invest heavily in electric cars and automation over the next three years in an effort to meet new European regulations