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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Fossil fuels are filling the gap in rising energy demand

A global surge in energy requirements in 2018 meant that the shortfall between supply and demand had to be made up by burning fossil fuels

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Neo Lithium posts positive PFS results for its 3Q Project in Argentina

Toronto-based Neo Lithium is making good progress with its lithium exploration project in Argentina, according to a pre-feasibility study released by the company on March 21

German carmakers pledge to invest €60bn in electric and self-driving technology

The president of the German Association of the Automotive Industry has revealed German carmakers will invest heavily in electric cars and automation over the next three years in an effort to meet new European regulations

Alphabet and Shell join forces in electric-generating kites venture

As Shell looks to move away from its fossil fuel reliance, it has invested an undisclosed amount in an experimental Alphabet venture that generates power using kites

Wind and wave power is driving a new mass ocean cleanup operation

The Earth’s oceans are littered with plastic. While removing such vast quantities of waste won’t be easy, a new proposal powered by the wind and waves alone might just do the trick

The impending threat of climate change brings nuclear energy to the fore once more

Nuclear power’s image problem has stunted investment for years. Now, as the threat of climate change looms larger, cutting-edge start-ups are bringing the energy source back into the conversation

Pushing clean energy on the world’s poorest nations serves to widen inequality

The West has benefitted from the use of fossil fuels for centuries. Recent calls to deny developing nations the
same privilege will only deepen economic inequality

Qatar to pull out of OPEC amid rising tension with Saudi Arabia

The Gulf nation will be the first to permanently pull out of the oil production cartel since its foundation in 1960

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Elephant grass is a low cost, carbon negative alternative to fossil fuels

Climate change is still one of the world’s most pressing issues. Fortunately, NextFuel is harnessing the power of elephant grass to produce a profitable, CO2-negative alternative to fossil fuels.

Carbon-removal projects could turn back the clock on climate change

Even if humanity can reduce its carbon emissions significantly, future prospects for the planet’s health look bleak. Preventing climate change now relies on the economic viability of carbon-removal projects

Big Oil spent only 1.3 percent of capital expenditure on green energy in 2018

A new report has found damning evidence of indifference to climate change from top oil companies

Renewable energy empowers consumers to take charge of their energy usage

Renewable energy is transforming the way electricity is generated and consumed; With more control being handed from public utilities to consumers, the grid simply cannot continue to operate in the same way