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Fossil fuels are filling the gap in rising energy demand

A global surge in energy requirements in 2018 meant that the shortfall between supply and demand had to be made up by burning fossil fuels

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Landmark UN climate report warns of disaster by 2040

The UN’s climate committee has warned that we face a global climate crisis if we continue on our current path. The report also maps out a number of pathways that must be taken to ensure we curb global temperature rises

EDF reveals further cost overruns and delays to its Flamanville nuclear reactor

Problems at EDF’s long-awaited Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant will see the group’s flagship EPR project encounter fresh delays and cost overruns, raising questions over its commercial viability

E.ON and RWE shake up Germany’s energy sector with asset swap agreement

Two of Germany’s biggest utility firms have agreed to swap assets in a deal that would see E.ON focus on energy networks and RWE concentrate on renewables

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Argentina joins oil and gas companies to invest in multi-billion-dollar shale bounty

Argentina has agreed a $15bn investment deal with companies to boost production in Vaca Muerta, in return for lower labour costs and greater subsidies

Clamour loudens for US crude oil export ban to be lifted

Calls to lift the ban on US crude exports are getting louder, though the economic advantages come with environmental consequences

Cleantech innovator Ener-Core turns air pollution into energy

Methane is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Paul Fukumoto of cleantech specialist Ener-Core explains how we can turn this pollutant into a valuable energy source

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Offshore drilling booms as companies explore new frontiers

The biggest beasts of the sea are not whales or giant sharks but massive, sky-scraping drilling rigs that can reach the deepest parts of our oceans. Offshore drilling is booming and competition keeps players on top of their game