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Wind and wave power is driving a new mass ocean cleanup operation

The Earth’s oceans are littered with plastic. While removing such vast quantities of waste won’t be easy, a new proposal powered by the wind and waves alone might just do the trick

VW races to the top of the global car market

Despite its brands being dogged by the ongoing emissions scandal, VW has edged out Toyota to become the world’s biggest carmaker in a first for the company

Major cities seek to ban diesel cars by 2025

Paris, Madrid and Athens have all joined Mexico City in its bid to reduce air pollution and improve health by banning diesel vehicles

China profits from pollution

China’s breakneck industrialisation has benefited those with a stake in pollution control, yet the country’s clampdown on emissions could extinguish the anti-pollution opportunity

Cleantech innovator Ener-Core turns air pollution into energy

Methane is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Paul Fukumoto of cleantech specialist Ener-Core explains how we can turn this pollutant into a valuable energy source

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Panasonic offers Chinese workers pollution compensation

The Japanese electronics giant has offered to pay its Chinese workers a pollution-related wage premium as a number of major firms promise to raise wages back home

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Polluters must pay the full price for negligence

Sustainable development is an ethos, not a propaganda tool, writes the special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on the Millennium Development goals

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