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Tesla overtakes Ford in market value

Shares in electric car manufacturer Tesla are booming, thanks to record vehicle sales

VW races to the top of the global car market

Despite its brands being dogged by the ongoing emissions scandal, VW has edged out Toyota to become the world’s biggest carmaker in a first for the company

US vehicle sales defy expectations with highest year on record

Vehicle sales in the US are on a successful streak, with year-on-year increases now maintained for seven years

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Ford scraps Mexican production plans and moves production to US

In an apparent win for President-elect Donald Trump, Ford has cancelled plans for a $1.6bn plant in Mexico

Audi joins forces with Chinese tech giants

Luxury car brand Audi seeks to dominate China’s premium car market through collaboration with top software specialists

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BMW partners with Intel and Mobileye

The new partnership aims to bring a completely autonomous vehicle to market by 2021

Tesla Model 3 takes over $10bn in pre-orders in first 36 hours

Tesla’s Elon Musk revealed that pre-orders for the company’s new mass-market vehicle surpassed 270,000 in the first 36 hours

Tesla goes mainstream with Model 3

The unveiling of Tesla’s latest car signals the company’s intention to make its cars a common sight on American roads

Climate regulations threaten carmakers

A new CDP study warns automakers could face billions of dollars in emissions penalties if they don’t meet environmental regulations

GM revs up its self-driving ambitions

General Motors moves closer to achieving its automation goals with the planned acquisition of three-year-old start-up Cruise Automation

Sorry VW, Toyota is still the world’s biggest carmaker

Toyota has fought off a challenge from Volkswagen to keep hold of its title as the world’s top-selling car manufacturer

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Self-driving cars will divide the world

The technology industry is making it clear that, in future, you won’t have to drive a car if you don’t want to