Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Boeing and Airbus at odds over the future of aircraft manufacturing

At the Paris Air Show, Boeing and Airbus have lain out starkly different plans for the future of commercial aviation

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EU abolishes mobile roaming charges

“Roam-like-at-home” finally kicks off as EU representatives agree wholesale caps for service providers across the region

The Joint Strike Fighter is one of history’s most costly failures

One of the most ambitious and troubled military hardware projects in history, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is as spectacular as it is expensive

Chinese cancer drug one step closer to the international market

The China Food and Drink Administration will review a new drug developed by Chi-Med as possible cancer treatment

Alberta marries sustainability with a positive business atmosphere

Focused on harnessing the region’s biomass resources, Alberta is becoming a leader in cleantech and forward-looking business

Top five aviation innovations for the future

From Boeing to Branson, these are the top five technological trends that could shape air travel in the near future

JenLab offers a new quality check for corneal transplantation

Corneal transplantation is fraught with difficulties, particularly surrounding the evaluation of donated corneas. JenLab’s multiphoton tomography system aims to improve the odds for patients

AlphaGo defeats world Go champion Ke Jie

AlphaGo, the AI created by Alphabet’s DeepMind, has beaten world champion Ke Jie at the ancient game of Go

Sulzer Pumpen explains how retrofitting trumps the repair/replace dichotomy

By retrofitting existing pumps that no longer meet requirements, Sulzer offers clients a clear path to efficiency, both in terms of production and investment

Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner hacked

With only a contact lens and a basic digital camera, hackers have shown the smartphone’s iris scanner can be easily bypassed

Microsoft announces South African data centres

Microsoft’s planned data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town are designed to tap South Africa’s growing cloud storage market

Ag Innovation Showcase: Harvesting inspiration

Highlights from the Ag Innovation Showcase 2016 in St Louis, MO

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