Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards
Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Awards

Top five growth areas for IT spend in 2018

With corporate IT systems set for a spending boost in 2018, we take a look at the main areas businesses will be committing their hard-earned cash to

Street View can reveal demographic profiles

Images readily available on Google Street View can uncover an unnerving amount of information about neighbourhood demographics, income and voting preferences

The future for enterprise messaging apps

Bhavin Turakhia, CEO of Flock, explains what developments will come for AI, artificial reality, virtual reality and more

Governments are making more Facebook data requests than ever

Facebook’s latest transparency report details the number of government requests for data across 129 countries – and the numbers are on the rise

Europe’s Galileo satellite network nears global coverage after successful launch

Following another successful launch, the EU’s Galileo network now comprises 22 satellites, moving Europe a step closer to a global navigation system of its own

IBM commits to data protection, security, and client ownership

Yasser Eissa introduces IBM Cloud’s new data centre in Frankfurt, giving clients complete control of their EU data

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Electric car market races to meet demand

Scandal, environmental consciousness and innovation are accelerating the car industry’s transformation, directing it towards electric vehicles

Facial recognition is rapidly progressing, but at what cost to privacy?

The rapid uptake of facial recognition technology is unsettling, but how does it work, and can it be fooled?

Businesses must put cybersecurity at the forefront of decision making

Cyber threats still represent a huge challenge to organisations; it is imperative that they put these at the forefront of their strategical decisions

Online streaming boom signals the end of traditional broadcasting

The popularity of online video streaming services is surging, leaving broadcasters and tech companies scrambling to establish themselves as television’s successor

The troubling influence algorithms have on how we make decisions

People are quick to accept the credibility of computer-generated search results, but algorithmic tools are as flawed as their makers

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Alibaba hits a record $25.3bn in sales on Singles’ Day

On the biggest commercial day worldwide, the sales for the Chinese e-commerce giant totalled $25.3bn, more than 40 percent higher than in 2016

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