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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

Verizon sells social media network Tumblr

Once acquired by Yahoo for $1.1bn, the blogging site Tumblr is now being sold for an undisclosed amount that reports claim could be as low as $3m

Top 5 food tech innovations

Today’s food and agriculture companies are striving to feed a growing population in a world under increasing under threat from climate change. Innovation in how we produce food could be the answer

Scientists create world’s thinnest gold

Researchers have developed an ultra-thin form of gold that could have a wide-reaching economic impact across the medical device and electronics industries

What a sovereign internet could mean for free speech

The internet was expected to democratise the sharing of information. Now, more countries are pushing for censorship and digital authoritarianism, with China leading the way

Amazon lets users disable human review of Alexa recordings

As Amazon faces increasing pressure from privacy regulators, the company has changed Alexa’s settings to allow users to opt-out of having their recordings reviewed by staff

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Saudi Arabia to test robo-advisory services

Saudi Arabia’s capital market regulator has given two firms permission to test computer-generated investment advice

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Google increases its rewards for hackers

Digital bounty hunters stand to make good money from Google after the tech giant tripled rewards for disclosing vulnerabilities in its systems

Elon Musk unveils chip that will merge human brains with computers

It has been revealed that Musk’s mysterious start-up Neuralink is developing a brain-computer interface

Amsterdam halts the creation of new data centres

The Dutch capital has put a stop to any new data centres being built, citing the impact these facilities are having on the city’s power grid and property market

Israel kick-starts plans to launch 5G by 2020

Israel is holding a tender for the development of a next-generation mobile network, as the country seeks to catch up with the likes of Spain, South Korea, Switzerland and the UK

As the technology becomes more viable, we must assess the ethics of mind-reading

Mind-reading technology is rapidly moving from the realm of science fiction to reality. But as companies race to cash in on the market, concerns about the ethical implications of such developments remain

Technological developments are making retail cashiers obsolete

As Amazon launches more unmanned stores and self-service technology develops, human cashiers could soon find themselves out of a job