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Powering Carhartt with SAP and Microsoft

The US-based workwear manufacturer has replaced its entire IT infrastructure, driving flexibility, agility and insight across its business

Embedding social impact into the heart of business

SAP’s Adaire Fox-Martin explains how social procurement could have orders of magnitude greater impact than corporate social responsibility programmes

Trump’s plans to ban Chinese app WeChat blocked

A federal judge has temporarily blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban WeChat over concerns the ban would threaten users’ first amendment rights

Oracle returns to growth

The software maker’s quarterly revenue exceeded analysts’ expectations, as remote working drove greater demand for its cloud-computing services

Why the biggest tech companies are investing in India’s Jio

An incredible windfall of investment from the likes of Facebook and Google has put Jio, an Indian telecoms company, in the spotlight

Managing the ‘green line’ to address climate action

SAP’s Daniel Schmid explains how businesses can better understand their carbon footprints in order to make the key changes needed to slow the rate of climate change

India bans 118 Chinese apps

The Indian government takes aim at Chinese tech amid rising tensions between the two countries

How technology is helping us fight fires before they start

Around the world, wildfires are becoming more frequent and more deadly. New technology can help us stop them before they get out of control

TikTok CEO resigns after three months

Kevin Mayer, the CEO of TikTok, quits following the Trump administration’s threat to ban the app

Enabling the transformation to circular business

Shifting to a circular economic model has the potential to unlock $4.5trn in economic growth, says SAP’s Maggie Buggie

Facebook removed seven million posts for coronavirus misinformation

Facebook has been trying to stem a deluge of false information on its platform about how people can protect themselves from COVID-19

Top 5 most important takeaways from the US antitrust probe into big tech

The New Economy takes a look at the most significant accusations made against the CEOs of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple during the US Congressional committee’s historic hearing