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Tech Energy Business Strategy Videos Reports

The attention economy commodifies human engagement, but it’s difficult to monetise

Instead of cash, many modern consumers are using their attention to show brands appreciation and loyalty. However, it’s an immaterial metric that is difficult to monetise

China plans to breed stink bug army to fight crop infestations

As the fall armyworm, a crop-devouring caterpillar, spreads across China’s farmlands, the country’s scientists plan to use an army of stink bugs to battle the pests

Medical research is conducted in developing countries to avoid ethics legislation

‘Ethics dumping’ is a nefarious practice that perpetuates the inequality between developed and emerging economies in the scientific and medical research sectors. The EU is now taking steps to stamp it out for good

China’s social credit system awards points to citizens who conform

China’s social credit system has been publicised by the government as a way of boosting trust in a broken society. In reality, all it does is exacerbate and intensify a fundamentally undemocratic system of surveillance

North Rhine-Westphalia pushes investment growth in Germany

North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany’s most important economic region, and has for years been a popular location for foreign companies setting up a base in Europe

SAP is teaching businesses to bridge the experience gap

Though most companies believe they offer a first-rate service, customers often disagree. To close the experience gap, businesses must question how well they really know their client base

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Breaking the bank: how financial institutions can embrace disruption

The new EU banking directive PSD2 doesn’t come into effect until September, but banks are already making sure that they are ready for the industry disruption it will surely bring

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Paris Agreement will reward signatories with GDP boost

A new report indicates that GDP could increase by 1.1 percent and unemployment decline by 0.5 percent across the EU if the terms of the Paris climate accord are met

Oil-rich Kazakhstan’s green transition

In 2013, Kazakhstani president Nursultan Nazarbayev launched a strategy to help the country become more environmentally friendly and move away from its oil dependency

The influencer marketing sector is booming – but regulatory problems abound

Influencers on social media are presenting lucrative new advertising opportunities for brands, but as regulators scramble to catch up, the legal aspects of the industry remain unclear

Google+ shutdown brought forward following second data breach

For the second time this year, a data leak has hit Google+, this time affecting an estimated 52.5 million people

How AI is reshaping marketing and sales

AI is revolutionising organisations’ sales and marketing departments, but managers have generally been slow to exploit this new technology

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