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Change of heart: how algorithms could revolutionise organ donations

Artificial intelligence has the power to completely revolutionise the organ-donation process, but ethical considerations must be taken into account

AI program that can imitate Shakespeare replicated by two graduates

When OpenAI developed software powerful enough to write hyper-realistic fake news, it decided not to release it to the public for fear it could be exploited. But then, two graduates built a version of the program using the original code, prompting debate on ownership in the murky world of open-source code

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Future-proofing convenience: how retailers can thrive in the on-demand economy

Delivering state-of-the-art retail services is fraught with difficulties, but innovations in AI could be the answer

US leads AI race but China is hot on its heels

The US is winning the global race to develop AI and China is rapidly catching up, but the EU is lagging behind, a report by the Centre for Data Innovation has found

As the technology becomes more viable, we must assess the ethics of mind-reading

Mind-reading technology is rapidly moving from the realm of science fiction to reality. But as companies race to cash in on the market, concerns about the ethical implications of such developments remain

SAP is teaching businesses to bridge the experience gap

Though most companies believe they offer a first-rate service, customers often disagree. To close the experience gap, businesses must question how well they really know their client base

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AI developers win Turing Award for neural network progress

Computer scientists Geoffrey Hinton, Yann LeCun and Yoshua Bengio have been handed the $1m Turing Award for their groundbreaking work on the development of neural networks

How AI is reshaping marketing and sales

AI is revolutionising organisations’ sales and marketing departments, but managers have generally been slow to exploit this new technology

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Amid the AI revolution, countries must equip students for the future

Technological developments are reshaping labour markets. Instead of worrying about the jobs that will be lost to automation, international communities should start preparing students for the jobs that will be created in their place

Top 5 AI start-ups in Asia

Although China is currently dominating AI technology in Asia, other countries in the region are making significant progress, too. The New Economy looks at the biggest players attracting substantial investment at home and abroad

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Top 11 steps non-digital companies can take to drive growth through AI

Non-digital companies often fall into the trap of copying tech giants to stay ahead. But when it comes to the adoption of AI, developing your own strategy could be far more beneficial to your business

Uber death could cause backlash for the autonomous vehicle industry

Elaine Herzberg’s death, the first involving a pedestrian and a self-driving car, represents a watershed moment for autonomous vehicle technology

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