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Mastering the art of data: the skills that will get you noticed

It’s almost a decade since a much-shared Harvard Business Review article declared data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century. But is working with data still as novel or as exciting as it was then?

As the technology becomes more viable, we must assess the ethics of mind-reading

Mind-reading technology is rapidly moving from the realm of science fiction to reality. But as companies race to cash in on the market, concerns about the ethical implications of such developments remain

How to create a data-driven culture and tap its full potential

IBM’s Ann-Elise Delbecq explains why businesses aren’t yet getting all the value they want out of their data – and how they can

DeepMind establishes its first international machine learning lab

Google’s DeepMind is setting up shop in Canada, seeking talent from the artificial intelligence research community at Edmonton’s University of Alberta