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Facial recognition start-up Clearview AI hacked

Hackers have gained unauthorised access to the technology company’s list of clients, which includes several US government agencies

Chinese deepfake app goes viral, raising privacy concerns

Zao, a deepfake face-swapping app, has gone viral in China following its launch on August 30. Many are concerned it puts users’ privacy at risk

Facebook grants users more control over how their data is shared

Facebook users will now be able to control whether websites and apps collect their data. The new feature will be rolled out globally in the coming months

Amazon lets users disable human review of Alexa recordings

As Amazon faces increasing pressure from privacy regulators, the company has changed Alexa’s settings to allow users to opt-out of having their recordings reviewed by staff

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Equifax reaches landmark $700m settlement in data breach case

After suffering a data breach in 2017, credit-reporting company Equifax has agreed to pay a $700m settlement, but consumer advocates and lawmakers argue the penalty has not been severe enough

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As the technology becomes more viable, we must assess the ethics of mind-reading

Mind-reading technology is rapidly moving from the realm of science fiction to reality. But as companies race to cash in on the market, concerns about the ethical implications of such developments remain

Congress demands answers from Google about user location database

Representatives from Congress have written to Google CEO Sundar Pinchai to seek information on location data held in a secret store known as Sensorvault

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Facebook pivots to privacy-based model

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg set out his vision for a platform focused on security, where content “won’t stick around forever”

Google forced to reveal which products have microphones following privacy backlash

Tech giant Google faces questions about the listening power of its devices after users discovered an undisclosed microphone in a home security device

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Tech companies back Apple’s battle against the FBI

Tech giants, law professors and NGOs support Apple in its fight against the FBI over the right to privacy

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Apple is battling the FBI to protect privacy

Having opposed a court order to unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, Apple continues its battle with the FBI

The end of Safe Harbour means uncertainty for businesses

Negotiations are underway to redraft the Safe Harbour agreement, but in the meantime uncertainty remains among tech companies