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China dispatches government officials to Alibaba and other private companies

Government officials are being assigned to some of China’s largest corporations as the state moves to exert greater control over the private sector and maintain its dominance over entrepreneurs

Ontario joins carbon-pricing initiative

Ontario is divided over the decision of its provincial government to implement a carbon-pricing scheme

Five times technology clashed with the law

Regulation has always struggled to keep pace with technology. Here are five of the biggest clashes between lawmen and innovators

Why EU tariffs on Chinese solar panels need to end

Import tariffs on Chinese solar PV hurt the domestic industry more than they help it. For the sake of the EU and the planet, they must end

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What Japan can teach South Korea

South Korea has often followed Japan’s example, but now that could mean letting itself slip into decades of economic stagnation

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The end of Safe Harbour means uncertainty for businesses

Negotiations are underway to redraft the Safe Harbour agreement, but in the meantime uncertainty remains among tech companies

US unveils $4bn autonomous vehicle initiative

The Department of Transportation is looking into the regulatory obstacles for self-driving vehicles, and plans to introduce a uniform set of laws for all 50 states

The main roadblock to an Indian common market? Democracy

The lack of a national goods and services tax is stopping India making the most of its continent-size domestic market. The government is keen, but local politics is holding it back

France considers a social welfare club card

Access to social benefits is often not based on need or skill, but on employer and contract. These inequalities need to be reduced to improve social welfare and labour mobility

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Davos 2016: Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As the World Economic Forum’s annual summit comes around once again, Elizabeth Matsangou takes a look at the highlights of 2015 and what’s in store for 2016

COP21, day three: World Bank launches carbon coalition

The new CPLC aims to educate support corporate and government parties, should they choose to introduce carbon pricing

COP21, day two: India’s climate policy under the microscope

India’s commitment to renewables is at odds with a refusal to subject its targets to external scrutiny