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European Court of Justice rules Safe Harbour agreement invalid

The decision by the ECJ came after Edward Snowden revealed that European consumers’ information held by American tech companies was not safeguarded against surveillance

Four tech writers we should be reading…

Just as digital innovations have proliferated, so too have those trying to make sense of them all. Tom Bailey introduces us to four writers anyone who wishes to understand technology should be reading

China profits from pollution

China’s breakneck industrialisation has benefited those with a stake in pollution control, yet the country’s clampdown on emissions could extinguish the anti-pollution opportunity

Five successful economic policies of US presidents

As the race for the White House heats up and prospective candidates float their economic policies to the electorate, here are five successful economic policies from the past

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Moguls and Mexicans: The American history of cannabis legalisation

Whether you smoke it or not, the history of cannabis in the US is important: it exposes the ignorance, prejudice and hypocrisy that go into lawmaking

Internet of Things panics regulators

UK and US regulators are becoming increasingly concerned about how to manage the Internet of Things

2015 looks to be another deathly year for Japan as Abenomics struggles on

2015 is a do or die year for Abenomics, and the PM’s reluctance to introduce much-needed reforms could be the programme’s undoing

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Australia repeals carbon-pricing policy; environmentalists concerned

Policymakers have voted to abolish Australia’s tax on carbon emissions, to the delight of some and the dismay of others

Net neutrality got Facebook and Google to the top. Let’s not lose it

Revised rules for net neutrality threaten innovation, freedom of speech and the very principles upon which the World Wide Web was built

Obama to push through market-based climate reforms

President says he wants businesses to drive green energy innovations, and is willing to bypass Congress to achieve meaningful reforms