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Artificial intelligence begins to show signs of human-like creativity

Artificial intelligence has developed significantly in recent years, but displaying creativity to rival that of humankind is proving challenging. However, progress has recently been made

Top 5 jobs most at risk from automation

As automation continues to dominate news stories the world over, we take a look at the jobs deemed most at risk from the ongoing development of technology

Why you should hire robot workers

The first wave of robot workers is just around the corner, but whether they can replace human employees is a question that is yet to be answered

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Language: the hidden lubricant of international trade

From international sporting events to historic population movements, the global language industry is full of booming opportunities

Why automation investment does not create more productive workforces

Increased investment in automation has not led to more productive workforces. Michael Spence, a Nobel laureate in economics, examines why this might be

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Male – not female – jobs will be taken by robots

Certain job roles are still dominated by either men or women. With those of the former more likely to be automated, such divisions may need to break down

How do you like me Nao? Robots come to take Japanese jobs

Japan could soon launch a robot revolution, and, in doing so, relieve some of the pressure weighing down on its shrinking labour force

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Four tech writers we should be reading…

Just as digital innovations have proliferated, so too have those trying to make sense of them all. Tom Bailey introduces us to four writers anyone who wishes to understand technology should be reading

Future of robotics gets people talking at Innorobo 2014 | Video

From telepresence to home surveillance, the future of robotics looks bright, as The New Economy found out at the Innorobo 2014 conference in Lyon earlier this month

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I ain’t afraid of no robot: expert says ‘robolution’ has ‘already started’ at Innorobo | Video

The New Economy visited the Innorobo conference in Lyon this week and talked to robotics expert, Bruno Bonnell, about what a ‘robolution’ could mean for humankind

Davos update: Google Chairman Eric Schmidt talks job automation

Eric Schmidt tells a meeting in Davos that jobs will be “the defining problem” of the next few decades

French telecoms price war continues despite job concerns

Further price slashing in France’s mobile telecoms industry causing problems for job market, writes Jules Gray