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Tackling unconscious bias in feedback and task assignment is the key to gender equality

Increasingly companies are prioritising gender equality in the work force, however, many of the factors holding women back continue to go unaddressed

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A higher minimum wage benefits all parties – employers need to look at the figures

Higher minimum wage levels are viewed with caution by shareholders and investors, but they could actually provide a financial boost

The end of the eight-hour day – employers must take decisive action

Many workplaces are now experimenting with a six-hour working day. But while it may work for some, instituting a fundamental change at a state level may prove a difficult task

Tech companies are competing to be the most diverse

As the pressure builds on tech organisations to boost diversity in the workplace, the issue has turned into a race to the top

How to get employees engaged

New research shows investing in coaching is a critical first step to driving employee engagement

Career women: egg freezing may put dreams of having a baby on ice

Egg freezing is being promoted as a salvation for broody career women, but experts have warned it’s not as reliable as it seems

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LinkedIn and its role within the recruitment industry

LinkedIn may be an increasingly important tool in professional networking, but the specific skills of recruiters should keep their jobs safe for the time being

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Male – not female – jobs will be taken by robots

Certain job roles are still dominated by either men or women. With those of the former more likely to be automated, such divisions may need to break down

Are tech exec $1-a-year salaries an empty gesture?

Tech executives are warming to the idea of a $1-a-year salary, but the deals aren’t quite as self-sacrificing as they may appear

ICF awards JK Organisation for its coaching excellence

Abby Tripp Heverin, Communications and Awards Manager of International Coach Federation, explains how coaching has helped India’s JK Organisation ensure a legacy of excellence

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