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Advancing Diversity, Inclusion and Equality: Evolving a Moment into a Movement

Driving diversity and inclusion must become a priority if intelligent enterprises are to thrive. It starts with asking the right questions.

Advancing diversity, inclusion and equality: Evolving a moment into a movement

‘We need to create a culture where everybody feels the psychological safety to bring their best selves to work,’ says SAP’s Judith Williams

Intelligent Enterprises: Putting Purpose and Sustainability at the Core of Business

The coronavirus crisis has exposed the many social and economic issues that the world urgently needs to address. Businesses must embrace sustainability and purpose if they’re to help tackle these problems

Tech companies are competing to be the most diverse

As the pressure builds on tech organisations to boost diversity in the workplace, the issue has turned into a race to the top

Google unleashes improved diversity stats

The search engine giant has updated its diversity statistics to show that it, and the sector at large, is taking pains to bridge the inequality gap

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