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Advancing diversity, inclusion and equality: Evolving a moment into a movement

‘We need to create a culture where everybody feels the psychological safety to bring their best selves to work,’ says SAP’s Judith Williams

Tackling unconscious bias in feedback and task assignment is the key to gender equality

Increasingly companies are prioritising gender equality in the work force, however, many of the factors holding women back continue to go unaddressed

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Mobile World Congress 2016: Cherie Blair – Women held back by lack of mobile ownership

In today’s increasingly connected world, inequality in mobile ownership is stifling women’s success

How a phone can help the fight for equality

The GSMA has launched an ambitious scheme to increase mobile connectivity among women in the developing world

Mahesh Amalean on female empowerment | MAS Holdings

The New Economy interviews Mahesh Amalean, Chairman of MAS Holdings, on helping women become better business leaders

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Pedro Malo on female empowerment | Belcorp | Video

The New Economy interviews Pedro Malo, Vice President of Strategy and Finance at Belcorp, on giving protection and power to its female workforce

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Women’s empowerment: Bridging the gender divide

As the inequality gap endures in many boardrooms around the world, the debate turns once again to inequalities in the workplace

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Sri Lankan pioneers shake up spirit of the age

Through a variety of business and community projects, Sri Lankan company MAS Holdings is leading women’s empowerment and eco-friendly business

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Lebanese bank tops women’s empowerment billing

Through its pioneering We Initiative, BLC Bank has sought to promote women’s empowerment and bring international standards to the MENA region

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A real Peruvian beauty: By women, for women

The concept of creating shared value has gained momentum as companies pursue goals while acting for society. Belcorp has been walking the talk for years

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