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Mobile World Congress goes back to the future as old becomes new

The phones at this year’s MWC have taken cues from the past, as rivals look to capitalise on Samsung’s recent weakness

Mobile World Congress 2016: What is the Industrial Internet?

The IoT is still in its infancy, but a well-known concept that people are already looking towards. The Industrial Internet is less talked about, but likely to be equally disruptive

Mobile World Congress 2016: Every industry is going through a digital disruption

We visited the 2016 Mobile World Congress to find out why mobility is now front and centre of any progressive company’s IT strategy

Mobile World Congress 2016: IBM – The cognitive era is upon us

2015 was a landmark year for the discussion around artificial intelligence and its potential impact on business and society. Now in 2016 we are very much part of the cognitive era

Mobile World Congress 2016: What are the future mobile trends?

The mobile industry is one of the most disruptive out there. We discover the latest updates…

Mobile World Congress 2016: The future of mobile will get faster and faster

Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona was a hub of innovation and the latest disruptive technologies changing the way we live

Mobile World Congress 2016: Selfies for payment security

Forget thumbprints: the future of verification is selfies and hearbeats, says Ajay Bhalla

Mobile World Congress 2016: IoT at the peak of people’s expectations

Along with Big Data, the Internet of Things has been one of the most heavily anticipated technology trends, predicted to impact on every sector of society and commerce

Mobile World Congress 2016: Cherie Blair – Women held back by lack of mobile ownership

In today’s increasingly connected world, inequality in mobile ownership is stifling women’s success

Mobile World Congress 2016: IT networking gets a makeover

For decades, IT networking was all about plugging cables into the right ports and using firewalls for security. But now the sector has undergone a major upgrade

Mobile World Congress 2016: 5G to unlock mobile’s true potential

Technology is changing the way we connect, with innovations in the Internet of Things, cloud and 5G technologies transforming businesses, public services and people’s lives

Mobile World Congress 2016: The mobile phone – a remote control for our life

Innovation occurs as a result of various skills coming together