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Google unveils video game streaming platform Stadia

Google’s new video game streaming service, Stadia, is set to shake up the $135bn-a-year industry by encouraging gamers to move away from traditional consoles

Blockchain is shaping the future of video gaming – here’s how

The video game market is no stranger to growth and development, often acting as a pioneer of cutting-edge tech. Now, blockchain technology is set to disrupt the market in a whole new way

Pokémon Go takes Apple and Android by storm

Pokémon Go, the augmented reality version of the wildly popular video game, has stormed to the top of Apple and Android download charts. However, such unexpected popularity has led to some server issues

Mobile World Congress 2016: The future of mobile will get faster and faster

Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona was a hub of innovation and the latest disruptive technologies changing the way we live

Games on Apple TV? Reminds me of the Pippin

With a major update for its TV, Apple is making a big push into the console gaming market for the first time since its ill-fated Pippin

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Utrecht becomes one of the world’s best places to live

Scientists, business leaders and healthcare professionals must collaborate to meet the demands of tomorrow; officials from the City of Utrecht and Utrecht Science Park explain how this is done in the city and region of Utrecht

Has mobile gaming lost its moral antenna?

Out of nowhere, mobile games have become a multibillion-dollar industry, but they are controversial. For everyone who finds them a handy bit of escapism, there’s someone else who thinks they’re exploitative

Can Nintendo get its mojo back?

Nintendo is falling behind its closest competitors in the video game industry, but a change in focus could revive its fortunes

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Mario goes mobile: Nintendo to rethink its strategy

For years the video game powerhouse refrained from bringing classic Nintendo games to mobile platforms, but has now bowed to the pressure

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Steam challenges Twitch with new video streaming service

The introduction of Steam’s new video streaming platform for gamers could pose a challenge to market leader Twitch

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The future is cloudy for consoles as video games move online

It looks like cloud gaming will render the dedicated games console redundant, and transform gaming from a product into a service. Matt Timms picks up a controller and finds out

China lifts ban on foreign games consoles such as PS4 and Xbox

A government U-turn on games consoles has presented major industry players with a new $11.4bn market opportunity

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