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Sony buys controlling stake in music publisher EMI

Sony has reached an agreement to purchase the controlling stake in EMI for $2.3bn, giving the tech giant access to more than two million songs from hit artists such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Queen

Sony brings Aibo back from the dead

The revival of Sony’s robotic dog, Aibo, has seen the company re-enter the race to conquer the AI market

Sony gives CEO another chance

In what is fast proving a nervy period for underperforming Japanese companies, Sony’s shareholders have chosen to keep Kazuo Hirai on as CEO

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Sony’s e-paper to revolutionise fashion

Sony has unveiled a clandestine project to develop a smartwatch and other projects using electronic paper

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The future is cloudy for consoles as video games move online

It looks like cloud gaming will render the dedicated games console redundant, and transform gaming from a product into a service. Matt Timms picks up a controller and finds out

Sony considers kissing PC division goodbye

Sony’s PC division has proven a weak link for the company, with the electronics giant estimating massive losses for last year