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The problem with emotion-detection technology

Technology that detects human emotion is being used by firms to improve customer service, decide which candidates to interview and optimise the emotional impact of advertising. But experts in the field have warned that some software relies on outdated psychological theories and cannot always be trusted

Artificial intelligence begins to show signs of human-like creativity

Artificial intelligence has developed significantly in recent years, but displaying creativity to rival that of humankind is proving challenging. However, progress has recently been made

The rise of robot recruitment

Increasingly, businesses are using artificial intelligence tools to streamline the recruitment process. While this saves time, it is also creating new challenges for applicants

Germany’s digital hubs are transforming Baden-Württemberg

Thanks to continued investment from the German Government, it’s never been easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to life in Baden-Württemberg

Elon Musk unveils chip that will merge human brains with computers

It has been revealed that Musk’s mysterious start-up Neuralink is developing a brain-computer interface

The AI governance challenge

AI technology has been making strides in its pursuit of perfection, but the necessary frameworks for governance have been slow to emerge

Sam Altman steps down as president of Y Combinator to focus on OpenAI

Sam Altman, who will now transition into the role of chairman, has transformed Y Combinator into a global powerhouse during his five-year tenure as president

Amid the AI revolution, countries must equip students for the future

Technological developments are reshaping labour markets. Instead of worrying about the jobs that will be lost to automation, international communities should start preparing students for the jobs that will be created in their place

AI helps businesses make better decisions

Many companies still misunderstand AI. By following a few simple steps, however, organisations can utilise the technology to create expert decision-making systems that achieve better business outcomes

Advances in pollen detection technology are helping millions of allergy sufferers

Advances in environmental-monitoring technology and AI are transforming pollen detection into an intelligent, precise and targeted market

As deepfakes become more convincing, the threat to truth grows

Hyper-realistic fake videos, known as ‘deepfakes’, can cause lasting reputational damage. Unfortunately, countering the threat these videos pose to political and corporate life is unlikely to get any easier

Innovieren Sie mit neuen Technologien in der Cloud

IBM’s Aleksandar Francuz discusses how to distinguish technological hype from its reality