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The rise of robot recruitment

Increasingly, businesses are using artificial intelligence tools to streamline the recruitment process. While this saves time, it is also creating new challenges for applicants

Merging humans with robots might be the only way to survive in the future

As scientists stand on the cusp of creating superintelligent machines, humans could be rendering themselves obsolete

Artificial intelligence finds a new game to beat humans at: poker

Chalk one more up to the robots as an AI system rakes in the cash from poker pros

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SoftBank’s human-like robot Pepper will transform history, says CEO

Japanese company SoftBank has announced it will release Pepper, a personal robot capable of learning from human experience by early next year

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Nao is the time for robolution: humanoid robot creates a buzz at Innorobo 2014 | Video

The New Economy travels to the 2014 Innorobo conference in France to meet Nao: a humanoid robot capable of emulating human behaviour and expressing emotions

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Robot farm to cover tsunami waste land

Flexing its tech muscles to the world, the Japanese government has announced a plan to launch a robot farm on land flattened to the ground by the Tsunami that struck the country to such devastating effect back in March 2011. The proposed farm is set to grow fresh produce including rice and beans and will […]

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