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How technology can help the global refugee crisis

While technology is by no means a solution to displacement, it can improve the lives of those who have been uprooted from their homes as a result of conflict or persecution

Southern Illinois University scholarship continues former chancellor’s legacy

Former chancellor of Southern Illinois University, Dr Carlo Montemagno, passed away in late 2018, but a scholarship named in his honour continues to offer students support

Amid the AI revolution, countries must equip students for the future

Technological developments are reshaping labour markets. Instead of worrying about the jobs that will be lost to automation, international communities should start preparing students for the jobs that will be created in their place

Maintaining the arts and social sciences should be a higher education priority

Abandonment of arts and social science subjects will rob the next generation of the priceless lessons of history. Public universities must realise their role as more than just knowledge creators

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Libya’s technological potential starts to show

Libya has endured years of war and decades of corruption. Now, bright students are being sent abroad to pick up skills and innovative technologies, in the hope that outside influence can steer the country onto the right path

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We don’t need no education (to grow the economy)

Governments are agreed on the importance of education, but increased schooling is not enough to boost the wealth of individuals or nations

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University rankings: the institutions that are paying to be good

University-ranking league tables have become a global business offering a number of paid for services. Some question whether this could lead to their independence and credibility

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Online learning platform Coursera shakes up the face of education

Coursera, a Silicon Valley start-up, is taking strides to democratise learning. But education is still big business

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