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Southern Illinois University scholarship continues former chancellor’s legacy

Former chancellor of Southern Illinois University, Dr Carlo Montemagno, passed away in late 2018, but a scholarship named in his honour continues to offer students support

Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded for molecular machines

A trio of chemists have been awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their development of machines able to work on a molecular level

Artificial plant leaves to turn sunlight into natural gas

A new method of synthetic photosynthesis, through the use of nanotechnology and bacteria, promises to allow sunlight to be to transformed into methane

Ingenuity Lab: fighting blindness, influenza and water pollution

The need for clean water and simple solutions to killer illnesses is ever growing. Ingenuity Lab, an Alberta-based technology accelerator, has won a New Economy Award for its work to make those solutions better and more affordable

Using science to address global challenges: Ingenuity Lab on its progressive approach

The New Economy speaks to Carlo Montemagno from the Ingenuity Lab to find out about the company’s innovative approach to addressing global challenges

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Switzerland’s nanotechnology revolution

The University of Basel, Switzerland is pioneering nanotechnology work with its ‘NanoChain’ concept

How new nanotechnology converts heat into power

What if you could simply touch your cell phone to recharge it?

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Nanotechnology takes on cancer

New technology has been forward that claims to be able to directly target cancer cells

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