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This is what the US will look like in 2025

Shale gas could transform Britain’s economy

Shale gas has transformed the energy infrastructure of the US. Derek Allen, Lead Technologist for Energy at Innovate UK, looks at what it could do for Britain’s economy

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Artificial plant leaves to turn sunlight into natural gas

A new method of synthetic photosynthesis, through the use of nanotechnology and bacteria, promises to allow sunlight to be to transformed into methane

Shell buys BG: The right kind of speculation?

The oil and gas industry is going through a period of uncertainty with oil prices falling about 50 percent, so could we be on the brink of a plethora of mega mergers?

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Peter Bond on underground coal gasification | Linc Energy | Video

The New Economy interviews Peter Bond, CEO and Chairman of Linc Energy, on underground coal gasification

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