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How crises transform the manufacturing sector

Economic catastrophes and global pandemics have historically had a significant impact on manufacturing. With robots increasingly being used throughout supply chains, the coronavirus outbreak could signal a new era for the industry

Robot labour booms in the US

Shipments of robotic equipment to US factories increased by 16 percent last year, according to a new study

Consumers fight for the right to repair their devices

To fix or to replace was once the choice of the consumer. Over time, manufacturers have chipped away at the ability to repair. Now, independent repair firms and frustrated consumers are fighting to reclaim that right

The Sun Belt shines for US tech and manufacturing

Stretching the entire width of the US, the Sun Belt has been the country’s biggest post-war success, though the states that comprise it are now moving in different directions

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This is what the US will look like in 2025

Emerging markets to blame for sluggish global output

The rate of growth for world manufacturing has reached a new low

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New technology puts manufacturing in consumers’ hands

Emerging technology is bringing manufacturing closer to the consumer who is influencing how businesses adapt like never before

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The future of manufacturing in five points

Using figures from the WEF’s The Future of Manufacturing report, we look at the key ways in which the sector will change in the coming years

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Julio Villareal on the steel sector | Grupo Villacero | Video

The New Economy interviews Julio Villareal, Chairman and CEO of Villacero, on its growth from a small Mexican operator to an international leader

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