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How crises transform the manufacturing sector

Economic catastrophes and global pandemics have historically had a significant impact on manufacturing. With robots increasingly being used throughout supply chains, the coronavirus outbreak could signal a new era for the industry

Robot labour booms in the US

Shipments of robotic equipment to US factories increased by 16 percent last year, according to a new study

IFR allays job fears as robotics industry reaches new heights

The latest edition of the World Robotics Report shows that robot sales are increasing year-on-year, with strong growth displayed by the electronics industry

Why you should hire robot workers

The first wave of robot workers is just around the corner, but whether they can replace human employees is a question that is yet to be answered

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Your next surgeon could be a robot

From AIs replacing human surgeons to tiny robots that can be injected into the patient, robots are set to revolutionise healthcare

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I ain’t afraid of no robot: expert says ‘robolution’ has ‘already started’ at Innorobo | Video

The New Economy visited the Innorobo conference in Lyon this week and talked to robotics expert, Bruno Bonnell, about what a ‘robolution’ could mean for humankind