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Apache Corp makes biggest energy find in a decade

A significant discovery in West Texas’ Permain Basin has revealed Apache Corporation could be sitting on three billion barrels of oil

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Saudis say they won’t cut oil production

Speaking in Texas, the Saudi oil minister said the kingdom will not cut production and high-cost producers should leave the market first

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What are the challenges of fracking?

Exploring fracking: fracking’s economic and environmental controversy

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How is fracking changing the energy market?

Exploring fracking: how fracking casts a shadow over its own future

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What is hydraulic fracturing, or fracking?

Exploring fracking: how does the process of fracking actually work?

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Shale gas: Is it one giant Ponzi scheme?

COP21 is underway, and one of the big talking points is shale gas – and its legitimacy as an industry

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Shale gas could transform Britain’s economy

Shale gas has transformed the energy infrastructure of the US. Derek Allen, Lead Technologist for Energy at Innovate UK, looks at what it could do for Britain’s economy

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US and Russia race to become energy world leader

The race to become energy world leader is heating up, with the US using its shale gas reserves to topple a Russia hamstrung by the crisis in Ukraine. But will Russia’s trade deal with Asia cement it as top runner?

Shale gas extraction explained

Many believe the US is on the brink of a new industrial age, as it benefits from a recent energy boom. Here we look at the major components of hydraulic fracturing, its environmental implications, and its impact on the US and global economies

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