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SoftBank Vision Fund and Saudi Arabia to build biggest solar project in history

The world’s biggest solar plant is a perfect partnership for an ambitious investment fund and a country moving away from fossil fuels

Softbank raises $1bn from Sharp for $100bn Vision Fund

Electronic hardware firm Sharp has become the latest investor to join the world’s largest private equity fund

Saudi Arabia dismisses Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

After 20 years in the role, Saudi Arabia’s powerful Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has been dismissed from his role, in the midst of wider ministerial reshuffling in the country

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Doha meeting ends with no deal

The world’s major oil producers failed to reach an agreement on freezing output, after the Saudis refused to allow Iran an exemption

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Saudi Arabia loses oil market share

Despite maintaining near-record production levels, Saudi Arabia has seen its share of the world oil market contract

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What low oil prices have taught us about Saudi Arabia

While plummeting oil prices have been felt around the world, they have brought about a couple of fundamental changes in Saudi Arabia

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Saudis say they won’t cut oil production

Speaking in Texas, the Saudi oil minister said the kingdom will not cut production and high-cost producers should leave the market first

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OPEC and Russia freeze oil production

After a meeting in Doha, leading OPEC members and Russia agreed to hold oil production at January levels

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Saudi Arabia and Venezuela discuss oil production cut

The Saudis and Venezuelans described their meeting as successful, despite no production cut agreement being formally reached

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Saudi Arabia considers cutting energy subsidies

The oil rich Kingdom, facing fiscal pressure from low world oil prices, may cut citizen energy subsidies

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Arabian frights: the Saudi struggle with oil prices

Saudi Arabia’s attempt to undermine oil-producing competitors has had some limited success, but the resulting low prices expose a disaster in the waiting

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Saudi Arabia’s economy heats up thanks to solar energy

One of the biggest oil producers in the world is set to invest heavily in solar power, marking a turning point for a once troubled industry

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