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Insiders raise concerns as Tesla’s China factory gears up to start production

Tesla’s new $2bn factory in Shanghai, China, is on schedule to start production in October, but internal sources have suggested the factory may not meet its ambitious production targets

Elon Musk unveils chip that will merge human brains with computers

It has been revealed that Musk’s mysterious start-up Neuralink is developing a brain-computer interface

Fiat Chrysler teams up with Tesla in bid to sidestep EU emissions fines

Italian carmaker Fiat Chrysler will pool its vehicle fleet with Tesla in order to avoid emissions penalties from the EU

Innolith’s “breakthrough” electric vehicle battery could increase range to 600 miles

Swiss start-up Innolith believes its new electric vehicle battery will go some way to easing consumers’ range anxiety, allowing cars to travel more than 600 miles on a single charge

Tesla reverses decision to cut store numbers

Having previously announced that it would begin selling its vehicles solely online to reduce prices, Tesla has now confirmed that it will keep some of its physical stores open

Tesla announces price slash on Model 3

To fund the lower price of its mass-market Model 3 car, Tesla has announced the closure of physical stores and significant jobs cuts

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Elon Musk fined $20m in SEC fraud case

Musk was investigated by the US regulator for making fraudulent claims that he had secured funding to take Tesla private. He will step down as chairman but can continue as CEO of the company

Tesla Autopilot chief Jim Keller joins Intel

Tesla’s Autopilot woes have continued, with programme chief Jim Keller leaving to join chipmaker Intel. Keller is the third engineer to give up the position in just over a year

Nissan announces plans to produce one million electric cars a year by 2022

Nissan is ramping up its electric ambitions amid stiff competition from other firms

Tesla set to build its first factory in China following government approval

US electric vehicle firm Tesla has struck a deal with the Chinese Government to build a new facility in the country

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Toyota and Mazda enter joint venture to build $1.6bn US assembly plant

Japanese car manufacturers Toyota and Mazda have agreed to share a new $1.6bn manufacturing plant in the US, while further pooling resources to research the development of electric vehicles

German carmakers agree to cut emissions amid increasing political pressure

Leading German carmakers struck a deal to cut emissions following the launch of Tesla’s latest model of electric car