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Innolith’s “breakthrough” electric vehicle battery could increase range to 600 miles

Swiss start-up Innolith believes its new electric vehicle battery will go some way to easing consumers’ range anxiety, allowing cars to travel more than 600 miles on a single charge

Electric vehicle market at risk of stalling without adequate lithium supply

With electric vehicles accelerating into the mainstream, the auto industry is undergoing the biggest shift in its existence. The move from engines to lithium ion batteries means that a steady supply of lithium is crucial

Panasonic accelerates battery drive with new production line

Japanese company Panasonic will begin production of lithium-ion batteries at its Himeji factory in an effort to increase its presence in the automotive sector

GS Yuasa’s new battery set to double the range of electric vehicles by 2020

A new lithium-ion battery, currently under development by Japanese specialist GS Yuasa, could double the range of small electric vehicles while keeping manufacturing costs steady