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Uniti unveils $19,618 electric vehicle

Swedish automotive start-up Uniti is set to deliver its quirky three-seat electric model, complete with an unusual central driving position, to the Swedish and UK markets by mid-2020

Insiders raise concerns as Tesla’s China factory gears up to start production

Tesla’s new $2bn factory in Shanghai, China, is on schedule to start production in October, but internal sources have suggested the factory may not meet its ambitious production targets

China’s Evergrande to bring electric car charging closer to home

One of the world’s biggest real estate companies, Evergrande, has unveiled plans to make charging electric cars easier and more convenient for consumers

Innolith’s “breakthrough” electric vehicle battery could increase range to 600 miles

Swiss start-up Innolith believes its new electric vehicle battery will go some way to easing consumers’ range anxiety, allowing cars to travel more than 600 miles on a single charge

Electric vehicles are coming – but the lithium must come from somewhere

It’s a lot harder to get a lithium mine into production than to upgrade lithium battery or electric car manufacturers, says NeoLithium’s Gabriel Pindar

NeoLithium COO: Tres Quebradas project is ‘blessed with good chemistry’

Gabriel Pindar discusses the growing demand for lithium and the potential for NeoLithium’s Argentinian asset

Harley-Davidson seeks to recharge sales with its first ever electric motorcycle

Iconic US motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson will start rolling out electric bikes in 2019, a move the company hopes will attract younger customers and spark interest in new markets

BP to buy the largest electric vehicle charging network in the UK

In its latest move towards the future of mobility, BP will buy Chargemaster, one of the biggest charging companies in Europe

Nissan announces plans to produce one million electric cars a year by 2022

Nissan is ramping up its electric ambitions amid stiff competition from other firms

Volkswagen intensifies electric vehicle plans with production drive

Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Müller has pledged to roll out a new electric model “virtually every month” from the start of next year, as the group ramps up its investment in the production of electric vehicles

Tesla sets its sights on fully autonomous vehicles by 2017

Electric carmaker Tesla are set to equip all new vehicles with self-driving hardware

Mercedes-Benz electric cars to be sold in China

The German automaker plans to take advantage of government initiatives to encourage growth in the new energy vehicle market