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Fiat Chrysler teams up with Tesla in bid to sidestep EU emissions fines

Italian carmaker Fiat Chrysler will pool its vehicle fleet with Tesla in order to avoid emissions penalties from the EU

Controversial copyright legislation passed by European Parliament

A new copyright directive, which was approved by European policymakers on March 26, has been the subject of much criticism

Google hit with another fine for anti-competitive behaviour

The EU competition authority has imposed a hefty fine on Google once again, after accusing the tech giant of using its resources to gain an unfair advantage over its competitors

EU seeks to rival Asia for electric-battery market supremacy with new fund

The EU plans to offer billions of euros in state and corporate funding to aid the construction of vast battery factories capable of competing with production in the US and Asia

Harley-Davidson seeks to recharge sales with its first ever electric motorcycle

Iconic US motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson will start rolling out electric bikes in 2019, a move the company hopes will attract younger customers and spark interest in new markets

WTO rules against EU ‘anti-dumping’ duties on Indonesian biofuel

The World Trade Organisation has heeded calls from Jakarta to repeal the EU’s anti-dumping duties on Indonesian biofuel, ruling the EU had miscalculated its standard price for the palm-oil-based product

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Uber must adhere to transport regulations, says European Court of Justice

The European Court of Justice has dismissed Uber’s claim that it is simply a digital platform company, declaring it must be subject to industry-wide transport regulations

Europe’s Galileo satellite network nears global coverage after successful launch

Following another successful launch, the EU’s Galileo network now comprises 22 satellites, moving Europe a step closer to a global navigation system of its own

EU abolishes mobile roaming charges

“Roam-like-at-home” finally kicks off as EU representatives agree wholesale caps for service providers across the region

EU votes to extend geoblocking ban to Spotify and iTunes

EU regulators have voted in favour of a proposal to prevent geoblocking among music streaming and e-book services

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As the GDPR deadline looms, regulators warn businesses to implement changes

With law firms issuing guidance on implementation of the new EU privacy laws, companies are being urged to plan ahead or risk being heavily fined

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China rare earth row rages on

The EU, Japan and the US has filed a case against China at the WTO, challenging its constraints on the shipping and export of rare earth

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