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YouTube to launch revamped music streaming service

YouTube will launch the latest version of its music streaming service on May 22, updating old features and replacing Google Play Music in the process

Music to my ears: Spotify’s pursuit of profit

Spotify is a leading streaming service, but its profits, or lack thereof, don’t reflect its success. Now, the company has gone public and is expanding its portfolio with the hope of stimulating profits

EU votes to extend geoblocking ban to Spotify and iTunes

EU regulators have voted in favour of a proposal to prevent geoblocking among music streaming and e-book services

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Soundcloud completes $70m debt round

Despite its popularity, audio-streaming service Soundcloud has so far been unable to become financially sustainable

Spotify makes deal over unpaid royalties

The US National Music Publisher’s Association reaches a $21m agreement with Spotify over unpaid royalties

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Deezer plans for IPO as music-streaming competition heats up

Deezer is the latest music-streaming company to seek further investment to survive in what remains a hyper-competitive marketplace

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Spotify angers users with privacy policy changes

Spotify’s CEO has apologised, after recent changes to the music streaming service’s privacy policy angered customers

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Apple’s new streaming platform shakes up the music industry

Apple’s recently launched streaming service has been hailed by major record labels as the tipping point for the industry, but it could have a devastating effect on smaller players

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Apple’s music royalty policy gets challenged

Apple agrees to pay royalties during the three-month trial period for its new music streaming service following a public outcry from pop artist

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Spotify’s net losses crescendo

Streaming music leader reveals jump in net losses, as launch of Apple’s rival service looms

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Jay-Z causes storm with Tidal music streaming service

Relaunch of Tidal service sees rapper join forces with other leading artists to compete against Spotify and Apple

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How does the music industry make money?

Music streaming services such as Spotify are becoming increasingly popular, but many artists think they don’t pay enough

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