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SoftBank announces $41bn asset sale after COVID-19 struggles

After SoftBank’s share price took a hit due to the economic turmoil brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, CEO Masayoshi Son announced a huge asset sale to shore up finances

IBM and CLS test blockchain app store for financial institutions

IBM and foreign exchange settlement firm CLS have launched LedgerConnect, a proof of concept app store that will give banks easier access to blockchain-based applications

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Top 5 myths about migrating to the cloud

For many companies around the world cloud computing represents the future, but migrating to the cloud isn’t without its pitfalls. Here, we dissect the five incorrect assumptions often made by companies adopting cloud services

Nordea: Banks must build bridges to a sustainable future

The financial sector must be transformed to ensure investors are funding the long-term needs of society, says Sasja Beslik

Boring financial jargon or critical info? Cardinal rules for investment writing

Financial writing should be kept simple, but this principle must not be taken too far – crucial legal information cannot be dumbed down, even if it does seem ‘boring’

WeWork is now worth $16bn

Shared office platform WeWork has been named one of the most valuable start-ups in the world as it prepares to expand in Asia

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Apple issues $12bn worth of bonds

Apple contributed to a resurgent bond market this week with the announcement it would sell up to $12bn in corporate bonds

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ChemChina buys 12 percent of energy trader Mercuria

The Chinese state-owned chemical company expands into energy sector after buying shares in the Swiss trader

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Uber and Lyft amass $3.1bn in funding

Uber and Lyft have doubled their fundraising as they look to capitalise on what opportunities remain in the ridesharing market

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How technology is disrupting financial markets

Apps, there are tonnes out there. In fact, the market is getting pretty full. With many failing before getting properly established especially in the tech sector former Global Head of Equity Trading at Deutsche Bank explains how concerned investors should be

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The history of the dotcom bubble – and how it could happen again

With tech companies growing at rapid rates, many commentators are worried the industry could be in line for a catastrophic fall – one comparable to the dotcom crash of 2000

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Deezer plans for IPO as music-streaming competition heats up

Deezer is the latest music-streaming company to seek further investment to survive in what remains a hyper-competitive marketplace

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