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Airbnb explores equity options for hosts

The global accommodation-sharing platform is exploring new ways to incorporate hosts into the company and reward them for the vital role they play

Room for debate: tackling the sharing economy’s tax advantage

A working paper by the IMF is exploring how governments can mobilise revenue from the peer-to-peer sector

Airbnb becomes latest Silicon Valley titan to take on China

Airbnb has moved to seize a slice of China’s sharing economy, rebranding itself as ‘Aibiying’ to appeal to local customers

GM’s Maven lands in Uber’s backyard

GM’s car-sharing service, Maven, has launched in San Francisco as the fight for the future of personal transportation intensifies

WeWork is now worth $16bn

Shared office platform WeWork has been named one of the most valuable start-ups in the world as it prepares to expand in Asia

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Airbnb crowdsources its lobbying

Airbnb’s recent win against attempts to curtail its use in San Francisco shows how the technology industry can defeat regulators by calling on the influence of its user base

Access versus ownership – are you ready for the shared economy?

Collaborative consumption – is it changing the way people live or is it just a passing fad?

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