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IBM partnership will use blockchain to improve quality of seafood

IBM Food Trust, along with Massachusetts firm Raw Seafoods, is using blockchain technology to digitalise the supply chain and improve the traceability of scallops

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How blockchain technology could electrify the energy industry

Blockchain technology has the potential to produce new innovations in the energy industry, but more regulation and research is needed to show companies the way

Blockchain platform for credit history launched in Sierra Leone

San-Francisco-based tech charity Kiva has launched a blockchain initiative in Sierra Leone to help the population gain access to financial services

The challenges facing blockchain adoption in global trade

Blockchain’s applications for the supply chain are promising, but the technology has so far struggled to convince businesses of its benefits

Belarus launches ‘world’s first’ tokenised securities exchange

Belarus’ platform, which allows traders to purchase shares in gold, forex and other assets with cryptocurrencies, aims to make the nation more attractive to overseas investors

Lab-grown diamonds are creating a more socially responsible diamond industry

Cheaper, better for the environment, more socially responsible and essentially identical, the case for lab-grown diamonds appears rock-solid, signalling the decline of the diamond mining industry

Top 5 uses of blockchain in gaming

Blockchain is about more than just cryptocurrencies. The opportunities provided by an open, inviolable, publicly distributed ledger have caught the eye of the gaming world too

IBM and CLS test blockchain app store for financial institutions

IBM and foreign exchange settlement firm CLS have launched LedgerConnect, a proof of concept app store that will give banks easier access to blockchain-based applications

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Bank of International Settlements report highlights issues with cryptocurrencies

A new report from the Bank of International Settlements underlines issues with bitcoin security, legitimacy and environmental impact

De Beers set to begin selling synthetic diamonds to retail customers

As of September, international diamond group De Beers will start selling lower-priced, lab-made gemstones to non-industrial consumers via its newly formed subsidiary, Lightbox

How blockchain can breed trust in the recruitment industry

The Cambridge Analytica scandal emphasised the need to find new solutions for balancing freedom and privacy online. Fortunately, blockchain can provide the missing link for industries that share personal data on the web

De Beers uses blockchain to clean up diamond industry

Blockchain technology could create a permanent, transparent history of every diamond sold and ease consumers’ fears about their purchases