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Blockchain is shaping the future of video gaming – here’s how

The video game market is no stranger to growth and development, often acting as a pioneer of cutting-edge tech. Now, blockchain technology is set to disrupt the market in a whole new way

Top 5 uses for blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies

Several companies are set to harness the potential of blockchain platforms in the hope of increasing security and efficiency across a wide range of industries

World’s largest banks and R3 build blockchain-based payments system

Fintech firm R3 heads the consortium in the development of an international payments system

London Stock Exchange teams up with IBM for mainstream blockchain trial

LSE’s Italian subsidiary will be the first financial service provider to conduct a mainstream trial of blockchain

Blockchain to underpin next generation trading platform for European banks

IBM has been selected to develop the Digital Trade Chain platform that will enable more efficient trade for European businesses

Kik leverages messaging app to launch cryptocurrency Kin

Kik Interactive has announced it will create a new cryptocurrency that will be rolled out to users of its messaging app later this year

Leading banks unite to create digital cash standard

Four banks have come together to develop a blockchain-based payment system, with the hope it will become an industry standard for transactions between institutions

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JPMorgan has its own blockchain project

Banks may have been contemptuous of bitcoin, but that’s changing as they realise how much time and money they could save with blockchain

Blockchain comes to the financial services industry

UBS is taking the lead in finding a place for blockchain in financial services. We spoke to Alex Batlin, Crypto 2.0 Pathfinder Programme Lead at the bank

Blockchain’s technology has far-reaching implications

Blockchain, the technology that underpins Bitcoin, has the potential to solve one of humanity’s oldest problems