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Micro-investing app Stash secures $40m in investments

In a nod towards the growing popularity of non-traditional investment platforms, start-up firm Stash raises $40m

Kik leverages messaging app to launch cryptocurrency Kin

Kik Interactive has announced it will create a new cryptocurrency that will be rolled out to users of its messaging app later this year

Why your business needs an app

The transition to software-defined business has given rise to the app economy, and companies would be wise to take note

Dennis Crowley steps down as CEO of Foursquare

Daniel Crowley has stepped down as CEO of Foursquare, to be replaced by the tech start-up’s COO

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DeepMind founders book an appointment with the virtual doctor

Google DeepMind founders invest in Babylon Health – an app that will allow people to consult virtual doctors

Don’t expect Apple to keep your data secure

With many app developers relying on third-party, there’s only so much Apple can do to stop iOS applications collecting personal information

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GM and Lyft share a ride in a driverless car

General Motors has invested $500m in Lyft, as to the two rev up to get in on the driverless car market

Windows phone needs Android apps, says ex-Microsoft CEO

Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer believes that the missing ingredient to make the Windows phone a success is Android application compatibility

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How technology is disrupting financial markets

Apps, there are tonnes out there. In fact, the market is getting pretty full. With many failing before getting properly established especially in the tech sector former Global Head of Equity Trading at Deutsche Bank explains how concerned investors should be

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China’s banks snoop on citizens to determine credit ratings

New financial rating systems set up by Chinese companies are raising eyebrows over the use of the type of information used to determine scores

Digital: the one fashion luxury brands can’t keep up with

Brands must rethink what it is to be luxurious in the digital age or risk alienating the connected consumer

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Has mobile gaming lost its moral antenna?

Out of nowhere, mobile games have become a multibillion-dollar industry, but they are controversial. For everyone who finds them a handy bit of escapism, there’s someone else who thinks they’re exploitative