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Amazon to start selling its cashierless technology

The e-commerce giant announced it will start selling its ‘Just Walk Out’ technology to other retailers, potentially threatening the jobs of millions of cashiers

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Technological developments are making retail cashiers obsolete

As Amazon launches more unmanned stores and self-service technology develops, human cashiers could soon find themselves out of a job

Augmented reality will change how retailers engage with consumers

Augmented reality’s ability to merge the real and digital worlds is bringing a wealth of opportunities to retailers and making services more convenient for customers

‘Nutella riots’ prompt French crackdown on bargain deals

A wave of chaotic scuffles caused by significant discounts on goods in French supermarkets has seen the French Government move to ban excessive bargains

Alibaba hits a record $25.3bn in sales on Singles’ Day

On the biggest commercial day worldwide, the sales for the Chinese e-commerce giant totalled $25.3bn, more than 40 percent higher than in 2016

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Google tracks credit card spending to prove digital ads work

The offline tracking system will show advertisers whether their online ads generate physical sales

Alibaba’s deal for Intime opens door to retail integration in China

Alibaba has amalgamated online and offline retail operations in China, settling a multi-billion-dollar privatisation deal with Intime Retail

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Amazon Go’s ‘just walk out’ principle redefines the physical shopping experience

Amazon’s new Amazon Go store experience is simplifying shopping for tech-savvy, time-pressed shoppers

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Small businesses a great fit for the new nimble marketplace

As technology advances, so do the ways we shop, and small businesses are best equipped to reap the benefits of a dynamic marketplace

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Conscious consumerism might be nothing more than lip service

Ethical consumerism is touted as a powerful social movement capable of creating better business practices, but are the limitations of the marketplace significantly reducing its impact?

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Amazon executive sheds light on drone delivery programme

The company has laid out plans for its drone delivery system, which could see packages delivered in less than 30 minutes

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Amazon’s Pay Monthly service threatens retail competitors

The world’s largest online retailer is now offering interest-free loans. Competitors should worry about this threat to their high-end business

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