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US moves to make drone delivery reality

The White House has issued an order to give local governments the power to speed up drone tests in the hope to introduce regulations for commercial use

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Agricultural drones need time to take root

In the process of disrupting agriculture, airborne drones are experiencing growing pains. Fortunately, a new generation of entrepreneurial farmers could help them take off

Amazon executive sheds light on drone delivery programme

The company has laid out plans for its drone delivery system, which could see packages delivered in less than 30 minutes

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Zano drone fails to launch – to Kickstarter investors’ dismay

Zano Drone backers won’t be receiving the device after the company behind the project went into voluntary liquidation

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Google beats Facebook to buy drone-makers Titan Aerospace

The company’s latest high-profile acquisition will further the tech giant’s plans to beam internet from drones to rural and underdeveloped areas

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