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Top 5 crowdfunding sites

With crowdfunding more popular than ever, we explore the top five options for funding-hungry entrepreneurs

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Pebble cuts 25 percent of staff

The smartwatch maker that popularised wearables is cutting back its workforce as the industry appears to be on unsteady ground

The need to prevent crowdphishing

The US may finally have sorted out rules for crowdfunding, but the new framework falls far short of what is needed

Zano drone fails to launch – to Kickstarter investors’ dismay

Zano Drone backers won’t be receiving the device after the company behind the project went into voluntary liquidation

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Crowdfunding could create a greener world

Crowd- and community-funded renewables projects are growing in popularity, and so too are the opportunities for participating businesses

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Five kickstarter projects that haven’t gone anywhere

Here we take a look at some of the Kickstarter projects that have either failed to fulfil their pledges or, for whatever reason, left backers feeling sore

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Why non-profits are flocking to crowdfunding platforms

With goals beyond profit-making, charitable organisations are seeing the benefit of crowdfunded financing

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Crowdfunding changes the face of small business financing

Crowdfunding is threatening to supplant the banking industry’s status as the go-to source of finance for small businesses, writes Matt Timms

Crowdfunding success: how Kickstarter kicked off

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Five landmark Kickstarter projects

Total pledges to the popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, have just passed the $1bn mark. We take a look back over some of the site’s most significant projects to date