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Snapchat rebrands as ‘Snap’

Growing media giant Snapchat has rebranded itself to reflect that it is no longer just a social network, as it unveils its first piece of hardware

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SAP: In the future everything will be connected

Much like smartphones and tablets, wearables and the IoT are the next hot technology expected to take over

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Pebble cuts 25 percent of staff

The smartwatch maker that popularised wearables is cutting back its workforce as the industry appears to be on unsteady ground

Are fashion and digital functionality compatible?

Technology is disruptive and new advances even more so

Consumers want their wearables to be more human-like

What is driving the innovation behind the Internet of Things, and what industries stand to be revolutionised?

How can wearables solve problems of the future?

Wearable technology is developing at an exponential rate – what innovation can we expect in the future?

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Why should businesses care about the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things promises both disruption and innovative solutions – what do businesses need to know?

The wearable technology market is still undervalued

The market for wearable technology is expected to reach $70bn this year. Despite that fantastic growth, the potential for wearables in healthcare has been overlooked

Does wearable tech for babies help anyone?

The Internet of Things has reached baby grows, but experts warn there is no evidence monitoring devices on infants can keep your child safe

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Virgin on the extreme: businesses use wearable tech to spy on employees

Employers are making use of firms such as Virgin Pulse to monitor the health of their workers. While presented as a benefit to employees, these services raise a number of concerns

The super jean is here! Levi’s and Google collaborate

Levi Strauss and Google have teamed up to produce the jeans of the future – denim with the power to connect users to their smartphones and tablets

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Google Glass: the post-mortem

Google Glass was the most hotly anticipated invention of last year – until it flopped and was shelved. Laura French looks at what went wrong

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