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Dark web hit by international crackdown

In a major blow to the underground criminal economy, two of the three largest dark web marketplaces have been shut down by authorities following a month-long sting operation

IBM: Innovative platform architecture is the lynchpin for cloud and AI integration in business today

Boas Betzler explains how the architecture of platform is key in the digital revolution

The businesses bringing barter to the web

Despite cash’s best efforts, bartering just won’t go away. The ancient practice has now found a new home online

The need to prevent crowdphishing

The US may finally have sorted out rules for crowdfunding, but the new framework falls far short of what is needed

Forget the cloud, use humans instead

The rise of sites offering piecemeal freelance work shows the growth of a new class who do not fit into the traditional categories of employment

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Why your business needs an app

The transition to software-defined business has given rise to the app economy, and companies would be wise to take note

DeepMind founders book an appointment with the virtual doctor

Google DeepMind founders invest in Babylon Health – an app that will allow people to consult virtual doctors

Facebook changes tack with Messenger for Business tool

Facebook has bolstered its online supremacy by offering businesses a tool to vastly improve their customer service capabilities

Tinder and other apps struggle to monetise their offerings

For all the apps swirling around the web, very few have worked out the best way to make money. Jules Gray looks up from his phone to ask why