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The attention economy commodifies human engagement, but it’s difficult to monetise

Instead of cash, many modern consumers are using their attention to show brands appreciation and loyalty. However, it’s an immaterial metric that is difficult to monetise

Top 10 Millennial business concerns organisations can’t afford to ignore

As Millennials’ spending power increases, understanding the motivations behind their purchasing decisions will become invaluable to businesses around the world. With the help of Morning Consult’s latest report, we explore the 10 key business concerns driving this technologically savvy cohort

Hello Kitty is taking over the world, one product at a time

In Hello Kitty, Sanrio has created a $7bn brand that is adored the world over. But just how did an expressionless cat-girl become so wildly popular?

Conscious consumerism might be nothing more than lip service

Ethical consumerism is touted as a powerful social movement capable of creating better business practices, but are the limitations of the marketplace significantly reducing its impact?

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Uber’s had a bit of a rebrand

By launching a new logo, Uber is attempting to make its brand more recognisable across its new and varied platforms

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Google becomes ‘Alphabet’ in massive rebranding

Google’s announcement it was rebranding itself as Alphabet came as a surprise, but it makes a lot of sense to its ambitious founders

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Logi-no more: Logitech loses half its name in massive rebranding

The Swiss-based computer and tablets accessories company has redesigned its logo to signal a new direction for the business

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Branding: the strategy and specificity of image equity

Branding is thrust more so to the forefront of initiatives as publicity becomes the deciding factor in whether a business succeeds or fails

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