Logi-no more: Logitech loses half its name in massive rebranding

The Swiss-based computer and tablets accessories company has redesigned its logo to signal a new direction for the business

Products made by Logitech. The company is going through a major makeover in order to inject life into its business

Logitech – famous for designing and manufacturing PC peripheral devices such as keyboards, mice, headphones and speakers – is experiencing something of a renaissance.

In a statement, it has announced intentions to create products that “have a place in every aspect of [one’s] daily life”.

The redesign is intended to reflect the rapid evolution of Logitech’s products

As part of a massive rebranding strategy, Logitech is to ditch half of its name to ‘Logi’ – as well as opting for a more vibrant colour scheme.

“We’ve been reinventing Logitech, creating products that strive to blend advanced technology and design to bring you amazing experiences,” said Bracken Darrell, Logitech President and CEO. “We’ve built a world-class design team, led by chief designer Alastair Curtis. We’re putting Design at the centre of everything we do.”

“Logitech has undergone huge changes, so we’ve created an identity that is an expression of who we are today and who we will be moving forward,” Curtis continued.

The redesign is intended to reflect the rapid evolution of Logitech’s products. The new name and branding can be seen on a recent Logitech blog.

Over the coming year, the company will implement the new design into its website, social media channels, product packaging and devices.

Five facts about Logitech

1. The company was founded in Switzerland
2. The computer mouse was the product Logitech became originally famous for
3. Approximately half of Logitech’s manufacturing operations take place in China
4. Logitech goes by other names including LifeSize, Logicool and Ultimate Ears
5. The proliferation of tablet devices hurt Logitech’s profits in 2013

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